Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Caen and Bayeux - April 2006.

On Friday the 7th, the 4D went on a trip again. Indeed, the project we had undergone in November has finally came to an end with the visit of l' abbaye aux hommes and of the tapestry of Bayeux.
"We left at 7 a.m to go to Caen. We took a coach and we arrived at 11.a.m. We went to th « Abbaye aux hommes ». Today the abbey is the town hall, but it also used to be a school. The abbey is built in the form of an « H ». The « H » is significant because it stands for Hosanna.
Unfortunately we couldn’t see William the Conqueror's tomb because there was a strike and so the guide couldn’t let us in. After the Abbey, we took the coach again to go to Bayeux and we ate a picnic lunch. After lunch, we saw an exhibition and a film about the tapestry. And after the film, we saw the tapestry. We listened to the audioguides during our visit to learn the story of the battle. This tapestry is interesting because it tells the story of William the Conqueror. He was first known as William the Bastard and then William Duke of Normandy. The tapestry measures 70 metres long and depicts the battle of Hastings between Harold , another family member over the family land. William’s stepbrother, the Archbishop might have ordered monks in an abbey to create this tapestry.
It reminds us of a comic strip...from the Middle Ages. If you ever visit Normandy, we recommend spending a day in Caen and in Bayeux. It was a long tiring day but an interesting day."